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TVT Ranked No.26 in 2018 A&S Security 50


On 21th, Nov,2018,  2018 A&S Security 50 is released again by A&S, TVT is ranked No.26 in the list , and No.6 among companies from mainland China.  We move another good step forward, not that big, but we enjoy the right direction.


Since its inception in 2004, TVT has focused on R&D and commercial application in CCTV industry. The company has an independent manufacturing base and R&D center, and collects a number of core technologies in the field of video surveillance. Compared with general competitors, it has the characteristics of leading technology and stable quality. Till now, TVT has more than 10 branches around China, at the same time, it is also one of the earliest CCTV manufactures which start overseas market, offering video security products and solutions in more than 130 countries and regions around the world.



2018 is a crucial and fruitful year, TVT keeps pace with industry trends and focuses on AI algorithms, smart products, AI applications, and industry solutions. TVT has deep technical precipitation in face recognition, LPR and video structure, and already has launched a series of face IPC, NVR and smart server. At the same time, latest video management platform NVMS 2.0 and NVMS 2.0 AI are launched, which gradually build comprehensive intelligent security solutions for various industries. TVT has realized the important upgrade from product manufacturer to solution provider, achieved good results and obtained high evaluation from customers.



Continuously inspired by our great customers, TVT will definitely keep improving!



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